Bulletin for September 26, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that I reprinted and article titled “The Days of Our Years”. Fanning Yeater Tant wrote this article in 1955.  It was necessary to find this article and to share it with you now that Annie Woodward has gone to her maker.  We loved her and accepted her into our family when we lived in Moundsville, WV.  She was the first person I ever baptized. Erin & Jason called her My-Aunt-Annie.  Mema claimed Annie was her 4th daughter. 

She was responsible for introducing me to the church in New Smyrna, to teach and preach for them.  She meets Dan after her mother passes away. Not soon afterwards I had the privilege of officiating at her wedding.

Then she moved to Alexandria, LA where she was active at the church. While in Alexandria she also cared for Dan’s parents until they passed away. After that, she and Dan both retired from their jobs and came to live with us in 2017.

And now I have the difficult task of speaking at here memorial service where we must say “Good-Bye For Now, but NOT Forever”

Love you all,

God bless,



Do Unto Others AS You Would Have Done To You