Bulletin for December 3, 2023

I usually don’t write the articles for this bulletin, but the subject matter is serious enough for me to take a stab at it. 

A full page color ad was placed in our local paper a long time ago [December 2005].  I saved the ad for a year when the Christmas Holiday fell close to the Lord’s Day.  I thought it timely to explain the importance of the Lord’s Day – especially during the “Holiday Season”.

Please make an effort to find ads such as the one printed on the inside of the bulletin and send them to me.  I am curious as to what other festival observations trump out the Lord’s Day today.

December 25 is on a MONDAY this year.  It is NOT the Lord’s Day.  However there are religious organizations who have celebrations/services/Masses, etc.  with all of the fanfare afforded this “Holy Day of Obligation”.

Maybe you will find opportunity to ask your friends and neighbors what they will be doing on the Lord’s Day at Christmas.  You may be surprised as to what you hear.

Please reply back to me with any comments or questions.

God bless,



Do Unto Others AS You Would Have Done To You